Mid-Life Crisis In My 30’s

After being a prisoner in a relationship spanning close to 2 decades, I shouldn’t be that surprised that I had my mid-life crisis a bit earlier than most. After I left my ex, I had bought another house on my own, and a few months later, started dating for the first time since High School. […]

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What the holidays mean to me

The holidays are a tough time of year for a lot of people. I say holidays because maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas and that’s fine. I like the word “holiday” because it covers whatever the hell you celebrate. I could care less honestly. I don’t celebrate Christmas any more, at least in the traditional sense. […]

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I survived another year….

Yup. Tomorrow I turn 39 years old. I’m not sure what significance that has on anything, to be honest. But every year that passes, I tend to reflect on whatever got me here. When I think back on my entire life, it’s in chapters (how cliche!). Childhood, teenage years, then it’s simply pre-relationship and post-relationship. […]

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Real Talk About The Lady Parts Doc

These days, my annual visit to the gynecologist is the most action I’ve had in well….quite some time. Full disclosure, I haven’t been with anyone since my last boyfriend (so over a year). I haven’t been on a single date, haven’t sexted (despite one guys attempts), haven’t even flirted. I’m over it. I’m over guys. […]

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Politics aka Name Calling

Politics. I hate politics. My hatred is not a passionate one, but more of a passive one. I’ll admit that I don’t even know what some of the buzzwords in today’s politics mean. I don’t care either. I don’t even care enough to spend 5 seconds doing a Google search. All I know is that […]

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