Ok, time to get real about dating. Whether it’s online dating, meeting men in the wild (shoutout to Girls Gotta Eat), or however else you meet people. Anyone who has dated in today’s world has more than likely experienced what I’m about to write about. Same shit, different toilet. Now please don’t get all butt […]

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Mid-Life Crisis In My 30’s

After being a prisoner in a relationship spanning close to 2 decades, I shouldn’t be that surprised that I had my mid-life crisis a bit earlier than most. After I left my ex, I had bought another house on my own, and a few months later, started dating for the first time since High School. […]

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What the holidays mean to me

The holidays are a tough time of year for a lot of people. I say holidays because maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas and that’s fine. I like the word “holiday” because it covers whatever the hell you celebrate. I could care less honestly. I don’t celebrate Christmas any more, at least in the traditional sense. […]

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I survived another year….

Yup. Tomorrow I turn 39 years old. I’m not sure what significance that has on anything, to be honest. But every year that passes, I tend to reflect on whatever got me here. When I think back on my entire life, it’s in chapters (how cliche!). Childhood, teenage years, then it’s simply pre-relationship and post-relationship. […]

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Real Talk About The Lady Parts Doc

These days, my annual visit to the gynecologist is the most action I’ve had in well….quite some time. Full disclosure, I haven’t been with anyone since my last boyfriend (so over a year). I haven’t been on a single date, haven’t sexted (despite one guys attempts), haven’t even flirted. I’m over it. I’m over guys. […]

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