Real Talk About The Lady Parts Doc

These days, my annual visit to the gynecologist is the most action I’ve had in well….quite some time. Full disclosure, I haven’t been with anyone since my last boyfriend (so over a year). I haven’t been on a single date, haven’t sexted (despite one guys attempts), haven’t even flirted. I’m over it. I’m over guys. […]

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Politics aka Name Calling

Politics. I hate politics. My hatred is not a passionate one, but more of a passive one. I’ll admit that I don’t even know what some of the buzzwords in today’s politics mean. I don’t care either. I don’t even care enough to spend 5 seconds doing a Google search. All I know is that […]

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Respect among dog owners….

This is something I’ve become quite passionate about. When you have a “perfect” dog, you don’t learn anything from them. When you have a dog that isn’t quite “perfect”, you either learn a lot or some people abandon their dog or worse, some people abuse and/or neglect their dog. This is why awareness, education, and […]

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Peach, Love, & Happiness

This post was inevitable. This is the back story to my rescue girl, Peach. Peach, Mario, and Yoshi are my entire world (the latter are my 2 cats). Nothing means more to me than them. Nothing. I would give my life to save theirs. Once Peach came along, I sacrificed everything that used to be […]

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The Lonely Loner….

I always tell people I’m a loner, and I am. Mostly. Do I hate humans? To an extent. I say that because I don’t understand how most people treat others. I hate how people take advantage of others. I hate how people use others. I hate how people disrespect others. Who is always on the […]

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My Eulogy….

If someone other than me is reading this to a room with just a few people, that means I didn’t make it. Something or someone took my life. You assholes better be taking care of my animals, that’s all I really care about. So whoever is reading this should be reading it in my tone […]

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